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3 Tips to help you renovate your space

1. Start with the end in mind.

It is all too easy to "start" something, but the value in starting something only comes when you finish it. So it is important to have a clear picture of how you want your space to look after your renovations. This will also help you to stay motivated during those grinding days. It will also allow your renovated spaces to work well with each other.

All too often, we see two renovated bathrooms in the same house that have been renovated a few years apart and they have different tiles, toilet, vanities and tap fittings... Not a great look... Avoid these pit-falls by planning ahead and having all the materials you need to renovate all of your spaces before you start.

2. Focus on one space at a time.

At one point or another, we're all guilty of biting off more than we can chew... Well when it comes to renovations, this can sometimes choke you beyond your breaking limit....

The best thing to do is remove the temptation of moving on to another room until you've finished the one you're working on by setting a tight time frame for completing that space - this should keep your mind from wandering.

2. Keep the word "minimalist" in mind.

The main point here is - you can always add more at a later date - but at least you'll be able to complete the job quicker. Once you experience the simplicity and efficiency of the minimalistic design, you'll probably be like almost everyone else and leave it as-is.

Thanks for stopping in and Good luck with your renovation!

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